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 Sp00fy's Agility guide

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sp00fy | Mike
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PostSubject: Sp00fy's Agility guide   Tue Feb 16, 2010 10:20 pm

Hey, This is sp 0 0 fy's 99 agility guide
most people will probably stop at 48 for addy gloves, or you can be cool and get 99 like me :]

Before you start training you should know that agility is a very slow skill and takes lots of patience. It is not one of those skills that take a day to get to your desired level. When training agility you can use potions so it may go by faster. The best food to use is strawberry baskets or cakes.

~1-15 Gnome Stronghold~

Here is where you should start training agility. The fastest way to travel here is to tele to Ardougne then run north then west till you get to the Gnome Stronghold. If you have completed the quest, "Tree Gnome Village " the faster way to get here is to use the spirit trees to travel to the Gnome Stronghold.

Log Balance 7.5
First Net 7.5
Tree Branch 5
Tight Rope 7.5
Second Tree Branch 5
Second Net 7.5
Pipe 7.5
Agility Bonus 39

this is a total of:
86.5 experience points per lap
about 6,440 experience an hour


~25-35 Skullball~

To get to this course you need to start from Canfis and go east into the swamp, the entrance is south of the part where you enter into the swamp. You need to complete the quest "Creature of Fenkenstrain" and must be wearing the ring of charos to enter.


~35-59 Agility pyramid~

To get to the Agility Pyramid you need to go to the Shanty Pass that is south of Al-Kharid and hop on the magic carpet to Pollniveach. If you feel like walking it is southeast of the pass. Once you get there, walk south along the river until you get to a bridge. Cross the bridge and run southeast until you get to the pyramid.

Rolling Stone 12
Low Wall 8
Ledge 52
Plank 56.4
Jump Gap 22
Hang Gap 56.4

This course gives 1,014 agility experience for lap
About 26,036 experience per hour plus 1k for each lap.


~59-70 Wilderness Agility Course~

You need to bring summer pies or agility pots to enter this course but not to keep doing laps. To get to this course you need to use the lever in Ardougne to tele into deep wild, make sure to bring a knife or sharp weapon. Run east past Mage Arena and you will eventually see the course. The best foods to use on this course are cakes and eat when you are less than 20hp.

~How to tank revs~
(with 1 defence)

Ok what you need to tank revs is dragon hide chaps and some high-healing food like monkfish or sharks since you will be in lvl 55+ wild with high leveled revs. If you get attacked by a rev it is best to get to a place where you can log out and switch worlds. I usually go down the ladder and behind it when i hop worlds. When a rev shows up there it will usually take 3 different paths. When hopping worlds it is best to log out near the ladder and have auto-retaliate off.( just incase the world you hop to has a rev also)

1) The rev will be hanging out by the ice knights and giants and will occasionally start attacking you through the gate. If you see this kind of rev it is best to switch worlds.
2) A rev will stop by the agility course and do a lap or two. If you stay out of its path it will not attack you. After it has completed a lap or two it will leave, so there is no need to panic or switch worlds. If the rev does attack you it will not leave so you need switch worlds.
3) This involves 3 different revs that walk around the course from the east side of the fence going south. They are not a big threat unless they attack you through the fence.

Pipe 12.5
Rope Swing 20
Stepping Stones 20
Log 20
Rock Climb 0
Lap Bonus 498.9

571.4 experience per lap
This is about 42,000 experience an hour including rev encounters


~60-70 Werewolf Course~

This is the alternative course Wilderness Course if you get tired of getting attacked by revs. To get to this course it is at the same place as the Skullball Course. This course is a little different from other courses because you have to pick up the stick after the pipes to get the best exp an hour. The last obstacle is the toughest because it can deal a max of about 30 hp.
So you need to keep your hp above 30 at all times while training here. Also, the heavier you weigh the less likely you will fail the last obstacle. I usually brought about 20 iron plates and the rest monks to train here.

Stepping Stones 50
Hurdles 60
Pipe 15
Skull Slope 25
Death Slide 200
Agility Bonus 190

This is 540 experience per lap
This is about 36,700 experience per hour


~70-82 Ape Atoll Agility Course~

To get into this course you need a ninja monkey gree gree and access to Ape Atoll. After completing the quest "Monkey Madness" you can talk to Daero in the Grand Tree place and get a ride to crash island. There are 2 different options, one takes you back to Ape Atoll(good) and the other gives you def experience D: (bad). Once you are on Ape Atoll make your way south of the city and across the river. Once across the river you are at the agility course :]. At 75 agility you officially stop failing obstacles at this course.

Stepping Stone 40
Tropical Tree (Climb Up) 40
Monkey Bars 40
Skull Slope 60
Rope Swing 100
Tropical Tree (Climb Down) 300

This is 580 experience per lap
which is about 49,700 experience per hour


~82-90 Advanced Gnome Agility Course~

From here on out is where the fun really begins (not really) This course was recently added to the game and is the fastest experience in the game along with the Advanced Barbarian Agility Course. To get to this course is the same as getting to the normal Gnome Agility Course. To use this course at levels 82-84 use summer pies to boost your agility up by 5 levels. After completing 250 laps without failing an obstacle you talk to one of the gnome trainers and get "agile legs" but they need 35 defense so they are useless for pures.

Log balance 7.5
Net climb 7.5
Branch climb 5
Branch climb 25
Signpost run 25
Pole swing 25
Barrier jump to complete 630

This is 725 experience per lap
Which is about 67,050 experience per hour


~90-99 Advanced Barbarian Agility~

If you have made it this far then give yourself a pat on the back. This is the alternative course to advanced gnome agility but they are both about the same experience per hour, although this one is a little faster. You need to have completed barcrawl mini quest thing to get into this course though =\. To get to this course you need to use a games necklace to teleport to Barbarian Outpost. South of the Barbarian Assault Building is where the course is at. After completing 250 laps without failing an obstacle you get an "agile top" which is basically useless for pures since it requires 35 defense.

Rope Swing 22
Log 13.7
Wall run 15
Wall climb 15
Spring device 15
Balance beam 15
Gap jump 15
Roof slide to complete 630

This is 740.7 experience a lap
Which is about 65,313 experience an hour

i hope you learned a lot and If you follow this guide you will eventually get 99 agility :]
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PostSubject: Re: Sp00fy's Agility guide   Mon Feb 22, 2010 4:08 pm

Very nice effort Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Sp00fy's Agility guide   Wed Mar 03, 2010 12:11 am

sexy cape, and gratz. Nice guide
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PostSubject: Re: Sp00fy's Agility guide   Fri Mar 05, 2010 5:51 pm

Very nice and detailed guide.
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PostSubject: Re: Sp00fy's Agility guide   Thu Mar 11, 2010 8:16 pm

Very niec spoof, sorry i deleted old one LOL. I'll be using this one to get 48 for Addys =p
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PostSubject: Re: Sp00fy's Agility guide   Wed Mar 17, 2010 7:47 pm

Mikey is that a pic of you infront of the movie add??
on a real note, very nice guide!!

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PostSubject: Re: Sp00fy's Agility guide   

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Sp00fy's Agility guide
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